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When you think you’ve squeezed everything you can out of your manufacturing plant,
we're here to enable you to squeeze more!

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Increase production efficiency, cross-pollination of employee skills, ROI and time to market. We help your employees become experts faster by providing them step-by-step instruction when they need it  (real-time), while they actually operate the machine, increasing production and quality control while decreasing training time. 

Less Time

Stop feeling frustrated and anxious that your current workforce won't be able to fulfill client orders. NOW THEY CAN! With our help!

We're here to help you get control over your workforce by making ​​​​​​​cross-training easy!

Empowered Users

“When developing a virtual experience for our industry’s largest event, the Th3rd Coast team nailed it from concept through to delivery.” 

 “Being able to work with one group who quickly understood our goals, was able to work around our very fast time frame, and ensured our IT team had everything they needed was key to the success of our project. Plus, they’re a fun group!”

Christine Powers, 
Corporate Marketing
Programs Director at Haworth Office Furniture

AR CHEATSHEET, For managers wanting to increase production efficiency, cross-pollination of employee skills and increase ROI and time to market.

Brett Linton,
VP of Manufacturing

​​​​​​​Emergent Biosolutions

“The ROI on this AR training solution will be incredible!"

"Working with our Michigan based Th3rdcoast partners has opened a new and innovative perspective on learning through the use of AR/VR technology. If you are looking for a partner that is capable of being innovative and groundbreaking, Th3rdcoast is the company to work with.”

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Imagine anyone on your payroll being able to operate any machine within minutes with real-time Augmented Reality.

What if you could move them from machine to machine without a learning curve or fear of consistency or quality lapses? 

Train instantly, increase efficiency, reduce cost ​​and create a more integrated manufacturing process

Stop feeling frustrated and anxious that your current workforce won't be able to fulfill client orders. NOW THEY CAN! With our help! 

How does AR CHEATSHEET work?

AR CHEATSHEET is a Hololens AR application that allows anyone to be an expert immediately, executing any “work cell” step-by-step process or work function simply by following holographic overlay graphics. And, the best part: this solution can be CUSTOMIZED to your specific needs and IMPLEMENTED on-site within a matter of weeks.  

Allows any machine operator to work like a seasoned veteran, even on their first attempt.

Simply follow layered, augmented reality step-by-step icons, animations, audio cues, ​​​​​​tips and tricks.

Bring your SOP to life and scale to meet any uptick in product demand.

Quickly master any difficult process with hands-free, voice-guided (multi-language), step-by-step instructions and graphics overlays.

Leverages Hololens' depth scanning capabilities so steps can be programmed relative to your machine and saved for future use. 

Companies who use AR see year-over-year business growth:

  • 29% gross margin lift

  • 17% revenue lift

  • 14% customer retention lift​​​​​​​

Manufacturing Benefits:

  • 70% Increased efficiency

  • 60% Decreased training time

  • 42% Improved accuracy 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​- Aberdeen Group

Analysts from Capgemini, IDC and Aberdeen Group completed comprehensive Operational Benefit Studies on the effects of AR in manufacturing... the results were astounding! 


What's the industry saying about AR? 

Operational benefits of greater than 10% are realized by 76% of companies with large-scale AR in areas such as: 

  • Productivity

  • Efficiency

  • Safety